EHRC S31 assessment of the 2010 Spending Review

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) published its formal assessment of the Government’s 2010 Spending Review in May 2012.

The Commission’s report considers the extent to which the decision-making by ministers and Treasury officials met legal obligations to consider the impact on equality when completing the Review. It is the first time an assessment of this kind and scale has been undertaken.

It finds that in six cases the Treasury acted in accordance with the requirements under the equality duties. However, in three cases, the Commission says that it was unable to establish whether or not the decisions were in full accord with the requirements of the duty.

The Commission’s report calls for:

  • Greater transparency in future reviews
  • The development of a common model of analysis to predict the likely equality effects of policy
  • Earlier use of the equality duties to ensure better targeting of funds and greater value for money

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