EHRC measurement framework briefing papers and data

Briefing papers covering particular Measurement Framework (MF) domains are being published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) during 2012-13. Each briefing paper provides an analysis of the most recent data that are currently available. Differences between the three countries of Great Britain are highlighted where possible.

Selected tables and graphs within the main body of the text illustrate these findings while detailed statistical data are being presented in the form of Excel spreadsheets alongside each briefing paper. A Technical Appendix explains the approach we have adopted with regard to standard errors, sample sizes etc. Sufficient SPSS syntax and other relevant information are provided in the Measurement Framework Syntax Handbook and accompanying Appendix, to enable more complex analyses to be conducted both by the EHRC and by other researchers. in the future as more recent data become available.

The Commission hopes that others will seek to build on its preliminary work on the MF, in particular, by carrying out intersectional analysis on the existing data or by exploring trends over time.

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