EHRC: ‘Future Fair Financial Decision-Making’

Future Fair Financial Decision-Making brings to an end this phase of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s work on Fair Financial Decision-Making which began in October 2010 with the Commission’s formal Section 31 Assessment of the government’s 2010 Spending Review.

The report warns that:

More robust data, examining the combined impact of decisions and a broader range of evidence are all needed to ensure government budget and spending review decisions are as fair as possible to all.

The findings from that assessment were published in May 2012 and have been followed subsequently by a Progress Report in June 2014 and the publication in July 2014 of the Cumulative Impact Assessment research report setting out a methodology and case study of the impact of fiscal decisions from 2010-2015 on people sharing protected characteristics by Landman Economics and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

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