EHRC briefing – Healing the divisions: a positive vision for equality and human rights in Britain

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) published a five-point plan for equality and human rights after Brexit in March 2017.

The Commission encouraged all political parties to pursue five priorities to protect and promote equality and human rights in the UK:

  1. Protecting Parliament’s role in scrutinising the UK’s equality and human rights legal framework;
  2. Retaining the UK’s equality and human rights legal framework as we leave the European Union;
  3. Ensuring the UK is a global leader on equality and human rights;
  4. Protecting the UK’s equality and human rights infrastructure; and
  5. Promoting the UK as an open and fair place to live and do business.

David Isaac, EHRC Chair, said:

“We’ve had calls for all kinds of Brexit. A soft Brexit, a hard Brexit and a red, white and blue Brexit. No one is talking about a fair Brexit – one that will unite the country and lead us to a shared society based on fairness and mutual respect the Prime Minister has talked about.”

Our Chief Executive, Ali Harris, said:

“EDF supports the call for a positive vision of an inclusive, outward-looking UK after we leave the EU, and a plan to turn the vision into reality.

Equality and human rights are essential for a modern society where we can live and work successfully together, and where we can make the best of everyone’s contributions and talents. They are at the heart of the essential freedoms and protections that we all rely on and that are valued by the public.

The steps proposed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission are important and highlight the key areas we should discuss and debate as part of the Brexit process.”

Read a summary or download the full report.

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