EDF Seminar 4: Discrimination in the Private Sector

This seminar considered what different measures might be introduced to promote equality in the private sector; whether current laws are effective in driving good practice and whether more positive incentives are needed to secure effective change management in this sector.

Speakers at the seminar were Caroline Waters from the BT Group and Victoria Secretan who works with the Corporate Responsibility Group.

The EDF would like to thank BT for providing the venue for this seminar.

Seminar papers:
Presentation by Caroline Waters
Seminar note

Related links:
Best Practice Reporting on Gender Equality in the UK: Data. Drivers and Reporting Choices by Kate Grosser and Jeremy Moon. Research Paper Series. International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR). University of Nottingham.

ICCSR have published two related papers: ‘Gender Mainstreaming and Corporate Social Responsibility: Reporting Workplace Issues’, Journal of Business Ethics (2005) 62: 327-340 and ‘The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Gender Mainstreaming’, International Feminist Journal of Politics. 7:4 December 2005. 532-554.

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