Report of EDF Research Network seminar on intergenerational fairness

On 4 November 2015, the Equality and Diversity Forum Research Network held a seminar exploring issues of intergeneration fairness that was attended by approximately 40 people from research, policy and voluntary sectors.

Speakers were Prof John Macnicol (LSE), Angus Hanton (Intergenerational Foundation) and Professor Karen Rowlingson (University of Birmingham). The seminar was chaired by the Equality and Diversity Forum’s Special Legal Advisor, Gay Moon.

Intergenerational equity was identified as a concern a few years ago. It can be understood in different ways but debates sometimes risk pitting one generation against another in polemical terms, for example arguing that young people are unfairly shouldering the burden of supporting an ageing population. As a pan-equality forum addressing all discrimination grounds and their intersections, the EDF Research Network wished to highlight analysis and discussion that challenges such simplistic portrayals.

Seminar agenda

Speaker biographies (abridged)

Note of seminar discussion

Note by Professor John Macnicol

Flyer for ‘Neoliberalising Old Age’ by John Macnicol

The Intergenerational Foundation’s Intergenerational Fairness Index 2015

Ten Reasons Why People Should Pay Inheritance Tax by Professor Karen Rowlingson

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