EDF and JUSTICE positive action conference

On 5 September 2007, the Equality and Diversity Forum and JUSTICE held the first major UK conference focussing on positive action.

The event explored the role of positive action in achieving a more equal society. It was attended by participants from government departments, local authorities, voluntary organisations, trade unions, universities and other organisations.

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EDF and JUSTICE would like to thank Simmons and Simmons for generously providing the venue and catering.

This event was supported by the European Community Action Programme to combat discrimination (2001-2006). This programme was established to support the effective implementation of new EU anti-discrimination legislation. The six-year Programme targets all stakeholders who can help shape the development of appropriate and effective anti-discrimination legislation and policies, across the EU-25, EFTA and EU candidate countries. The Action Programme has three main objectives. These are to improve the understanding of issues related to discrimination, to develop the capacity to tackle discrimination effectively and to promote the values underlying the fight against discrimination.

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