Dr Kitty Stewart blog: Leaving the EU poses major risks to UK social policy

‘While the effects of Brexit on poverty have been projected to be small for most scenarios, there are several ways in which the more vulnerable may be most affected.’

This is from a March 2019 blog by Dr Kitty Stewart of the London School of Economics. The blog draws from new research, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, exploring the relevance of Brexit for social policy in the UK.

The blog looks at how UK living standards, employment conditions, health, education and housing are likely to be affected by the decision to leave the EU, in a scenario where the UK leaves the single market and ends free movement of workers.

Among its conclusions, the research found a particular risk to groups whose skills will leave them less able to navigate industrial restructuring, such as those working long hours or in precarious employment. Though government could overcome some of these downsides with enough political will, this is likely to be made much more difficult if Brexit causes the economy to slow down, further constraining public finances.

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