Disabled Children’s Partnership report: Left Behind – Six Months On

Disabled Children’s Partnership have published their new report Left Behind: 6 months on looking into the ongoing impact of the pandemic, and wider inequalities in services, on disabled children and families.

Key findings: 

  • The report reveals that disabled children and their families’ lives continue to be disrupted by the pandemic, with delays and backlog to health, social care and education services now common place. Many disabled children are unable to regain the momentum lost during the pandemic. 
  • The impact of the pandemic has severely exacerbated challenges that families with disabled children already faced accessing support. 
  • This latest survey reveals that disabled children and their families continue to be severely isolated. Despite household mixing allowed during the Christmas period, almost half (49%) of disabled children and their siblings (46%) did not see a friend online or in person over the festive period. The proportion of parents socially isolated has increased over the last six months, with 7 in 10 parents socially isolated. 

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