Department of Health & Social Care consultation: Reducing bureaucracy in the health and social care system

A lot of what is defined as ‘bureaucracy’ is an essential part of any effective health and social care system. For instance, the recording, reporting and collection of information allows the deparment to constantly improve the services and support offered to UK citizens. Regulations, coupled with assurance and accountability measures, have an important place in maintaining safe, high standards of care.

However, the ongoing response to Covid-19 has revealed where temporary changes to rules and regulations could be beneficial in the longer term as the health and care system has clearly demonstrated its ability to streamline processes to get the job done.

The Department for Health and Social care will use your response alongside information from other places, such as meetings, interviews, research reports and academic literature, to:

  • find out the most common bureaucratic burdens experienced by staff providing care directly, as well as managerial and administrative staff, in the NHS, public health and social care sectors
  • help the government change processes, rules and regulations, including through planned reform of professional regulation, where we have existing powers to do so in the short or medium term

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