Department of Health and Care Quality Commission policy paper: Adult Social Care – Quality Matters

The Department of Health and Care Quality Commission have published a policy paper on the Quality Matters initiative (pdf).

This initiative, launched in July 2017, aims to improve adult social care.

It sets out a single view of quality and a commitment to improvement. And focuses on six priority areas in the first year. These initial priorities have been identified by people who use services, their families and carers, providers, commissioners, and organisations that support and oversee adult social care ices.

The priorities are:

  1. Setting clear direction and priorities based on evidence including the views of people using services, their families, carers and staff
  2. Measuring, collecting and using data more effectively
  3. Commissioning for better outcomes
  4. Better support for improvement
  5. Shared focus areas for improvement
  6. Improving the profile of adult social care.

Read more on the initiative (pdf).

Access the easy read version (pdf).

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