Department for Work and Pensions statistics: Households below average income – 1994/95 to 2018/19

The National Statistics have produced an analysis of people living in low income households for financial years 1994/95 to 2018/19.

The data shows:

  • Median household income before housing costs (BHC) decreased slightly between 2017/18 and 2018/19 and was flat after housing costs (AHC)
  • The percentage of individuals in relative low income has risen since around 2013/14 both BHC and AHC, however both were stable this year.
  • Larger families require a higher level of household income to achieve similar ‘living standards’ (based on a household income measure) to smaller families
  • Households containing children have similar income sources as households containing working age adults only, except state support receipt generally makes up a larger proportion of income due to greater eligibility for state support (including child benefit and tax credits) for this group.

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