Department for Education survey report: Support for Mental Health in Schools and Colleges

School staff hope a preventative strategy would reduce the chances of children and young people reaching crisis point and needing more targeted support.

This is from the May 2018 survey report which explores what schools and colleges across England are doing to support pupils’ mental health.

The report is intended as a practical example, as it includes case studies on preventative support in schools.

Schools used the following activities to promote emotional self-regulation and coping with challenges:

  • Extra-curricular activities and tutor/house systems designed to build staff student and peer relationships as well as confidence, communication, teamwork and other skills
  • Approaches to teaching which rewarded effort, such as Growth Mindset
  • Physical activity
  • Dedicated spaces to promote relaxation
  • Emotional literacy, problem-solving or mindfulness  sessions
  • Self-esteem and resilience programmes.

They identified the following challenges:

  • Students had to manage their time in the context of achieving academic results
  • Coping with the increasing numbers presenting with complex needs
  • Prioritising investment in prevention.

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