Department for Education report: Unlocking Talent, Fulfilling Potential

‘No community left behind’, this is from the government’s national plan to support children and young people to reach their full potential and local opportunity area plans, in December 2017.

For the first time, they have a plan which puts improving social mobility at the heart of education policy, and brings together a coherent, concerted approach to begin to level up opportunity right across the education system.

The government have set out the ambitions which will guide their work, and enable them to direct their effort and resource towards the places and people that need it most.

These are:

  • Ambition 1 – Close the ‘word gap’ in the early years
  • Ambition 2 – Close the attainment gap in school while continuing to raise standards for all
  • Ambition 3 – High quality post-16 education choices for all young people
  • Ambition 4 – Everyone achieving their full potential in rewarding careers.

This plan provides a framework that everyone – whether educators, government, business or civil society – can be empowered to support to help to transform equality of opportunity in this country.

Find out more on the Government website.

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