Department for Education consultation outcome: Timpson review of school exclusion

Edward Timpson CBE was seeking views and evidence on school exclusion practice in England as part of a review of school exclusions, in March 2018.

His review explored how headteachers use exclusion, and why pupils with particular characteristics are more likely to be excluded from school. In the May 2019 consultation outcome report (pdf), he makes a series of a number of recommendations that seek to ensure that exclusion is used consistently and appropriately.

The report finds:

  • Following many years of decline in use, rates of both fixed period and permanent exclusion have risen since 2013/14
  • In relation to ethnicity, some ethnic groups are associated with a lower likelihood of being permanently excluded, including Bangladeshi and Indian children who are around half as likely to be excluded as White British children
  • Children from other ethnic groups are more likely to experience exclusion, in particular Black Caribbean and Mixed White and Black Caribbean pupils.

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