Department for Education and Government Equalities Office report: Gender Pay Gap – Employers’ Action and Understanding

The Department for Education and the Government Equalities Office have published a November 2017 report on the gender pay gap (GPG).

This research (pdf) looks at how employers understand the gender pay gap and what actions they are taking to close it.

The core research consisted of a telephone survey of 900 large employers and 30 follow-up qualitative interviews to explore the key issues in more detail.

The report finds:

  • Almost a third of organisations (31%) had measured their GPG in the previous 12 months, so prior to the new transparency regulations coming into force
  • Relatively few (11%) had communicated or published the results of their gender analysis externally
  • Employer attitudes to reducing the GPG varied widely, with 24% allocating it a high priority, 37% a medium priority and 33% a low (or non) priority.

Read the full report (pdf).

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