Declaration on Principles of Equality

On 21 October 2008, the Equal Rights Trust launched the Declaration on Principles of Equality.

The Declaration:

  • Defines the right to equality as a basic human right and, in doing so, combines human rights and equality law concepts.
  • Provides a global expression of equality between discriminated people.
  • Ensures consistency in the way different nations treat the right to equality.
  • Ends inconsistencies in the rights afforded to different discriminated groups within the same societies and nations and so ends the current hierarchy of discrimination.

The Declaration is based on a total of 27 principles and will be submitted to UN officials as part of a global campaign to win support for the initiative. It is intended to assist efforts of legislators, the judiciary, civil society organisations and anyone else involved in combating discrimination and promoting equality. It is now open for further endorsements from both individuals and institutions.

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