Cut EU red tape: report from the Business Taskforce

Cut EU red tape: report from the Business Taskforce was published in October 2013. The report contains 30 priority recommendations ‘to help sweep away barriers to growth’.

The report includes recommendations for new employment law proposals:

For new employment law proposals the starting presumption should be that micro-enterprises are exempt. When inclusion is sensible (e.g. a beneficial proposal) micros should have a proportionate regime. In particular the:

  • Pregnant Workers proposals should be withdrawn
  • Posting of Workers Directive should not introduce mandatory new complex rules on subcontracting
  • Existing legislation on Information and Consultation should not be extended to micros, and no new proposals or changes to existing legislation should be made
  • Working Time Directive should keep the opt out; give more flexibility on on-call time/compensatory rest; clarify there is no right to keep leave affected by sickness
  • Agency Workers Directive should give greater flexibility for individual employers and workers to reach their own arrangements that suit local circumstances and give clarity to companies that they only need to keep limited records
  • Acquired Rights Directive should allow an employer and employee more flexibility to change contracts following a transfer.

The business-led taskforce on EU regulation was set up by the Prime Minister in June 2013.

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