CSJ report: ‘It happens here – Equipping the UK to fight modern day slavery’

In March 2013 the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) published its report: ‘It happens here – Equipping the United Kingdom to fight modern day slavery’.

Modern slavery exists in the UK and destroys lives. It manifests in an appallingly wide range of forms. Adults and children – UK nationals and those from abroad – are exploited in the sex industry, through forced labour, domestic servitude in the home, and forced criminal activity.

The CSJ has gathered evidence on numerous cases of exploitation in factories, fields, construction sites, brothels and houses. The research shows that a large proportion of cases are never recognised or reported, and do not appear in any statistics or measures of the size of the problem. There is no consistent grip on the numbers; agencies charged with such responsibility are groping in the dark for a sense of scale.

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