Common Vision report: A Generation Together? What do Millennials want from Brexit?

A key consideration of the EU negotiations should be the lived experiences of younger generations living in the UK.

The July 2018 report by Common Vision on millennials and Brexit provides a comprehensive and comparative picture of the attitudes and priorities of young people.

The key themes that emerged from the research synthesis include:

  • Young people are well-informed and want to play their part.
  • The importance of a strong economy for jobs and living.
  • A strong commitment to an internationalist outlook.
  • Freedom to travel, work and study abroad.
  • Immigration produces mixed opinion, but is a lower concern overall than for older age groups.

The report concludes:

There is a clear risk that the current Brexit process will lead to a generation of citizens who feel disempowered and disengaged from political leaders and institutions.

It falls to politicians, civil society organisations and young people themselves to ensure this does not happen.

Read the report in full (pdf).

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