Civil Society Futures: The Story of Our Times

The Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society (Civil Society Futures)  have launched their final report in November 2018 (pdf).  Chaired by Julia Unwin, the inquiry seeks to give the sector the tools it needs to address and find solutions to challenges facing society.

The report finds:

  • Civil society is not yet fit for this purpose, it lacks confidence, skills and credibility and there are too many examples of charities and institutions being part of the problem
  • There are huge variations in trust and mistrust within civil society. The media as placed a spotlight on issues from chief executive pay to fundraising practices to sexual exploitation
  • Across our country – and in civil society – too many people feel unheard, ignored, frustrated. Imbalances in power are often at the heart of the issue: who gets listened to, who makes decisions, who is in control
  • For too long we’ve focused on accountability to funders and to government. It’s time to focus on accountability to the communities and people we
    exist to serve
  • There is a lack of collective accountability in our systems, and cultures of silence have persisted.

Read the full report (pdf).

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