Children’s Rights Alliance for England report: State of children’s rights 2018

The government should introduce a shorter route to permanent status for long-resident children with lower application fees that do not make a profit for the Home Office.

This is according to the State of Children’s Rights in England 2018 by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England.

The report states:

  • There should be a child rights impact assessment (CRIA) on any changes proposed under delegated powers introduced by the EU (Withdrawal) Act
  • A cabinet minister with responsibility for children’s rights should be appointed alongside sufficient human, technical and financial resources to ensure effective coordination and evaluation of CRC implementation
  • The government should exclude children’s benefits, including child benefit and the child element of Universal Credit, from the scope of the benefit cap and abolish the two-child limit on child tax credit and Universal Credit
  • The current six-week legal limit of housing children in B&Bs must be extended to apply to housing children in council owned B&Bs and temporary accommodation.

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