Children’s Commissioner’s report: Measuring the Number of Vulnerable Children in England

Millions of children in England living vulnerable or high risk lives, says a July 2017 report (pdf) from the Children’s Commissioner for England.

This report reveals, for the first time, the scale of vulnerability among children in England. 

  • Almost 700,000 children are living in families that have vulnerabilities, including over 15,000 children living with an adult receiving alcohol treatment and nearly 12,000 living with an adult in drug treatment
  • 580,000 children – equivalent to the population of Manchester – are so vulnerable that the state has to step in and provide direct care, intervention or support
  • 370,000 children whose actions have put their futures at risk, including 160,000 children temporarily or permanently excluded from school in England
  • 800,000 children aged 5 to 17 suffer mental health disorders
  • 200,000 children are judged by their local authority to have experienced trauma or abuse
  • An estimated 46,000 children are thought to be part of a gang
  • 119,000 children are homeless or living in insecure or unstable housing
  • 170,000 children are estimated to do unpaid caring for family members, of which many have not been identified and offered support
  • 1,200 children are newly identified victims of modern slavery per year.

The Commissioner, Anne Longfield, said:

‘Our ambition as a nation should be for all our children to live happy and healthy lives. This report shows that millions are not doing so – and that has to change.’

Download the full report (pdf) or the Commissioner’s press release.

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