Children’s Commissioner for England annual report: Vulnerability Report 2018

There are over 2 million children in England living in families with substantial complex needs, and that of these 1.6 million children have no established, recognised form of additional support.

This is from the 2018 annual report (pdf) from the Children’s Commissioner which explores the assets, resources and competencies of vulnerable children, with a particular focus on children with experience of domestic violence.

The report finds:

By age 11:

  • Children in households with domestic violence were as likely to have a range of assets as their peers, including feeling safe, engaging in youth programmes and having parental involvement in school
  • Assets varied considerably by socioeconomic characteristics. Children from higher socioeconomic groups were more likely to possess a variety of assets including parental involvement in schooling and positive peer influence.

By age 14:

  • While the distribution of assets between children with domestic violence and their peers was broadly comparable at age 11, differences become more stark by age 14. Just over half (57%) of children with domestic violence report having parental involvement in schooling compared to  67% of their peers.
  • Similarly, 33% of children with domestic violence said they have restraint (refraining from alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs) in contrast to 43% of their peers.

Read the full report (pdf).

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