Child Rights Alliance for England and partners briefing: Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU Withdrawal Bill

‘Preserving Charter rights is particularly important in relation to children and young people.’

This is according to the April 2018 joint briefing (pdf) from the Child Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) on the importance of retaining the Charter of Fundamental Rights in UK law after Brexit.

CRAE and partners contest the position of the UK Government that rights will be sufficiently protected post-Brexit without the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The briefing states that the UK Government should amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to incorporate the Charter as part of “retained EU law”, because:

  • The Charter has created new rights and extended scope of existing rights
  • The UK has not fully incorporated certain UN human rights treaties
  • Charter rights will become unenforceable in UK Courts
  • Losing the Charter means losing the remedies it provides to individuals.

Read the joint briefing in full (pdf).


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