Child Rights Alliance England call for evidence: State of Children’s Rights 2018

Child Rights Alliance England (CRAE) have opened a call for evidence ahead of their flagship annual publication on the state of children’s rights in England.

They are looking for input to help make the report credible, relevant and change-focused. The deadline is 14 September 2018

CRAE would like to know where you think there has been any progress since the 2017 report, where the Government needs to do more, and where there has been retrogression in children’s rights.

They would also welcome evidence on any new or emerging issues that should be included in this year’s report.

They are looking for information in the areas of:

  • General Measures of Implementation and General Principles
  • Poverty and Homelessness
  • Safeguarding Children, including Violence against Children
  • Immigration, Asylum and Trafficking
  • Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
  • Health (including Mental Health), Disability
  • Policing and Criminal Justice

Submissions should be between 500 – 1000 words per issue.

Send your evidence to Giana Rosa at

Find out more about the call for evidence.

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