ONS Census consultation: full response

In May 2016, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published The 2021 Census – Assessment of initial user requirements on content for England and Wales: Response to consultation. This presents ONS’s full response to the consultation, updating its initial view on 2021 Census content for England and Wales.

The report provides an overview of the evaluation process ONS used to assess the responses and summarises the results of the evaluation. It sets out ONS’s updated view on the topics to be included in the 2021 Census, including a summary of proposals for new topics, next steps and an overview of ONS’ plans.

The report identifies the topics on which ONS proposes to collect data in the 2021 Census. It says that ONS intends to include a question on sexual identity in the 2017 Census Test to help decide decide whether to recommend to Government and Parliament a question on sexual identity in the 2021 Census.

ONS will review the Trans Data Position Paper in light of subsequent changes in legislation and the identified difficulties of collecting data on gender identity within household surveys with the aim of recommending how, and whether, to take forward further work on gender identity.


Background information:

In November 2015 the Office for National Statistics published an overview of responses to the consultation on the content of the 2021 Census for England and Wales.

The 2021 Census initial view on content for England and Wales. You said: A Summary of the results provides an overview of the 1,095 responses received.

The report states: ‘We will publish a full response to the consultation in 2016 updating ONS’s view on which information will be collected, where some further work is required before making a decision, and what will not be collected.  We anticipate further stakeholder engagement during 2016 where appropriate’.

The Equality and Diversity Forum responded to the consultation in August 2015.

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