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EDF Gendering Brexit Blog series: What Will Brexit Mean for Survivors of Domestic Abuse?

As Theresa May pledges to bring a decade of austerity to a close, it comes too late for the 6 in 10 women who were turned away from refuges last year, following funding cuts to domestic violence services. Increased waiting lists have left women facing a terrible decision: sleep rough, or return home to violent partners.

So what does Brexit mean for the 1.2 million women throughout England and Wales who will likely experience domestic abuse this year? What changes, both good and bad, can we expect?

Stacey Lamb, the Growth and Operations Officer at Just Fair,  contributes this blog on the implications of Brexit on domestic abuse for the Gendering Brexit Blog series.

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House of Commons Library report: Brexit – The Exit Bill

After the UK leaves the EU, it is expected to make a contribution towards the EU’s outstanding financial commitment. The UK Government estimates that the settlement will cost around £35 billion-£39 billion.

However, it is very difficult to put definitive figures to the settlement as the actual payment will be based on outturns – rather than current estimates – which depend on future events.

This is according to the July 2018 report from House of Commons Library on the the exit bill. 

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