British Humanist Association Becomes Humanists UK

From May 2017, the British Humanist Association (BHA), the national charity representing non-religious people in the United Kingdom and the Crown dependencies, is known as Humanists UK.

This new name, along with a revised website, will help the organisation to support more of the millions of non-religious people in the UK.

Humanists UK Chief Executive, Andrew Copson, said:

A long, evidence-driven process with focus groups of non-religious people across the UK and research involving over 4,000 of our supporters has helped us arrive at the best possible vehicle for our movement for a fairer world.

Humanists UK represents not just a new logo, but a totally new, friendly look that captures the essence of humanism: open, inclusive, energetic, and modern, with people and their stories placed first and foremost in all our broad and varied work.

Access the Humanists UK website.

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