Bright Blue and Joseph Rowntree Foundation report: Burning Britain?

In Theresa May’s first speech as Prime Minster, she proclaimed her Government’s mission was to tackle ‘burning injustices’ in Britain. But preparing for Brexit has dominated Government thinking since then.

This is according to the May 2018 report on ‘Burning Injustices’ in Britain (pdf), by Bright Blue and Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The report is an essay collection authored by 13 MPs who highlight what they consider to be the key ‘burning injustices’ in Britain and suggest policy solutions to them.

The following issues are addressed:

  • Achieving true gender equality
  • Reducing racial discrimination
  • Homelessness and the housing market
  • Poverty pay
  • Britain’s regional inequalities

Nicky Morgan MP argues:

Gender discrimination starts early. So, there must be a more explicit focus on it within the education system.

David Lammy MP states:

There is in fact greater disproportionality in the number of black people in prison here than in the United States of America.

Frank Field MP writes:

Through the benefits system, the role of Government is changing from a line of defence against destitution, to an active agent in its creation.

Read the full report (pdf).

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