Gendering Brexit Blog

As Brexit-day draws nearer, we are faced with two similar-but-different proposals for migration regimes for EU nationals in the UK
Over the last forty years, European Union funding has provided a safety net for people facing inequality and discrimination and
As Theresa May pledges to bring a decade of austerity to a close, it comes too late for the 6
The Brexit referendum has, once again put equality under the spotlight with the dominant political rhetoric being for Scotland to
Just like the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit could be an opportunity to re-assert the centrality of core values such as
'Women in the UK and gender experts have been distinctly under-represented both in the Brexit referendum campaign and in the

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Gendering Brexit Blog

We've launched a Gendering Brexit blog series, where we invite experts and campaigners to write on the gendered impact of Brexit from a range of perspectives If you would like to contribute to the series, get in touch and email us at