brap report on ‘Interculturalism’

In April 2012, brap published ‘Interculturalism. A breakdown of thinking and practice: lessons from the field’.

After 60 years of community relations policies — from assimilation, to multiculturalism, to community cohesion, to a new, Big Society approach — are we anywhere nearer to solving the problems of integration? And while we’re at it: what actually are the problems associated with integration?

This new report explores these ideas and more. Based on recent research into the frontline activities of organisations involved with the Awards for Bridging Cultures, the report looks at:

  • how past approaches to community relations (such as multiculturalism) have affected the way communities interact
  • the activities, initiatives, and projects that are taking place on the ground as communities focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us
  • how integration can be promoted in an age of austerity
  • the skills local authorities and community groups need to establish better relations between people from a range of backgrounds

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