Beyond 2011 independent working group call: ‘Save Our Statistics?’

In July 2013, the Beyond 2011 independent working group issued an appeal to those who use official population and social statistics in the UK, particularly those concerned with area-based statistics:

We are here referring to the rich range of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics which are currently available from national to census output area levels. The statistical system is currently under scrutiny and review. Key to this review is the search for alternatives to the census of population and housing, a core element of UK statistics held each decade since 1801. The UK’s system of area-based population statistics from national to local levels may be lost unless it is justified loudly and clearly. We are concerned that many users of these statistics are insufficiently aware of the potential changes and their implications and have not been engaged in this debate.

This appeal was made by the Beyond 2011 independent working group on the future of population and social statistics established in June 2013.

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