Asylum Aid and NatCen report: Through Her Eyes – Enabling Women’s Best Evidence in UK Asylum Appeals

When women flee human rights abuses and seek protection in another country, they are dependent on an asylum process that may not take account of their experiences as women.

This is from a November 2017 report (pdf) from Asylum Aid and NatCen, which explores how women seeking asylum navigate the appeals process.

The report finds:

  • Throughout the past decade, one third of UK asylum applicants fleeing human rights abuses have been women seeking asylum in their own right
  • There are concerns that many asylum systems continue to treat the claims of women through the lens of male experiences, which can result in their claims to refugee status not being properly assessed or being rejected
  • To date, there has been little research in the UK on the asylum appeals process or analysis of tribunal determinations in relation to gender, and no definitive study of the reasons for refusal of asylum claims and appeals.

Read the full report (pdf).

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