Association of Charitable Foundations report: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The ACF’s Stronger Foundations initiative has launched the concluding report of the first of its six working groups, released October 2019. The report, titled Diversity, equity and inclusion: The pillars of stronger foundation practice (pdf), summarises the group’s seven meetings, held over the past twelve months.

The report recommends that foundations incorporate the following ‘pillars’ of stronger practice into their work:

  • Invest time and resources in understanding and defining diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).
  • Produce and review strategies that will implement DEI practices.
  • Collect, track and publish DEI data on their own practices and performance.
  • Have a diverse trustee board and staff team, both in terms of demographics and experience.
  • Reflect and implement DEI practices in their funding activities.
  • Express their DEI commitment, policies and practices publicly.
  • Make themselves accountable to those they serve and support.
  • Use their own power to advocate for and advance DEI practices.
  • Collaborate with others to promote and implement DEI practices.

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