Action on Hearing Loss campaign and report: Working for Change

Action on Hearing Loss launched their campaign ‘Working for Change‘ and corresponding report ‘Working for Change: Improving attitudes to hearing loss in the workplace‘ in January 2017.

Action on Hearing Loss said that: “Working for Change will help employers to feel confident about recruiting people with hearing loss as well as overcoming some common myths about hearing loss and employment  – and show them how to support employees who already have, or will develop, a hearing loss.

In our previous research in 2014, eight out of ten respondents said that employer attitudes towards hearing loss was a major barrier in the workplace. For this campaign, we wanted to delve deeper into this. We commissioned YouGov to survey business leaders and we interviewed people in business to identify good practice that can be replicated across the country. Our research found that:

  • There’s a lack of confidence in employing people with hearing loss
  • Employers perceive there to be a lack of advice and support available about employing people with hearing loss
  • There’s a lack of awareness of the government’s Access to Work scheme among employers, which can help meet the costs of reasonable adjustments to the workplace
  • Employers are not yet prepared to support an ageing workforce.”

Watch the Working for Change launch in British Sign Language.

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