Acas and GEO guidance on gender pay gap reporting

Acas and the Government Equalities Office published guidance on managing gender pay gap reporting in the private and voluntary sectors in January 2017.  This report follow.d the amendment to the law in August 2016, requiring all employers with more than 250 employees to publish information about the differences in pay between men and women

More information, including factsheets and a notification template, is available on the Acas website.

Key points:

  • An employer must comply with the regulations for any year where they have a ‘headcount’ of 250 or more employees on 5 April, but employers of all sizes should consider the advantages.
  • A wider definition of who counts as an employee is used here (from the Equality Act 2010). This means that workers are included, as well as some self-employed people. Agency workers are included, but counted by the agency providing them.
  • These regulations apply to the private and voluntary sectors but the government is aiming to include the public sector by April 2017 too.
  • Gender pay reporting is a different requirement to carrying out an equal pay audit.
  • There are six calculations to carry out, and the results must be published on the employer’s website and a government website within 12 months. They must be confirmed by an appropriate person, such as a chief executive.
  • Employers have the option to provide a narrative with their calculations. This should generally explain the reasons for the results and give details about actions that are being taken to reduce or eliminate the gender pay gap.

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