R (on the application of Hajrula and Hamza) v London Councils [2011] EWHC 861 (Admin) [2011] EWHC 861 (Admin); [2011] EWHC 151 (QB)

28 January 2011 and 1 February 2011

Discrimination grounds
Race, gender, disability

Summary of case
The case involved a challenge brought by users of the Roma Support Group of the London Councils’ plans to cut £10m from the £26.4m funding that it provided to voluntary sector organisations in London.

The Court found that the London Councils’ consultation process was flawed and they had failed to comply with their equality duties. The Court quashed the decisions and ordered the London Councils to re-consider their decisions having done full equality impact assessments. The Court commented ‘in a case where large numbers of vulnerable people, many of whom fall within one or more of the protected groups, are affected, the due regard necessary is very high.’

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